Welcome to ICU Online’s Web TV

This is our video broadcast platform designed to keep our viewers entertained, there will be 3 types of content found on this plat form.

  1. Free to view: All content that is free to view, (meaning you do not have to subscribe to ICU Online to view this content) is content taken from the internet, we do not own and are not responsible for the uploading of this content. But if it can be found online in a public forum, and can be reposted, and we believe it would be of interest to our viewing audiences, then we will repost these videos in our public domain free to view. When the video is viewed it will count as a view or a hit to the host party responsible for uploading the video. Thus ICU Online is not the host of such videos but acts as a portal to display what others have hosted online. In most cases you are able to click on the free content and leave the ICU Online network and go directly to the host party responsible to uploading the video to the internet.
  2. Subscribe to view: ICU Online Ltd works alongside several film/video production companies who are creating content exclusively for the Web TV platform. This content is owned by ICU Online Ltd and can only be viewed by registered subscribed viewers. This content will not be found anywhere else online. Also available to our subscribed viewers will be content where ICU Online Ltd has purchased the licence to broadcast content, meaning ICU Online Ltd did not create the content, do not own the content, but own the licence to broadcast said content in a particular region in the world.
  3. Live Stream View: There will be live broadcast of events such as concerts, sports events and more. This content will only be available to our subscribed viewing audiences and viewers who may not be subscribed but have purchased a Live pass granting them access to all live content for a set time period.